Sleep regression!

Jocelynne • 🇨🇦 mom to 3 sweet angels, 🎀 👶🏼 MRC 01/18/2018, ZWC 03/06/2020

Ugh we are currently fighting the 2 year sleep regression and fighting it hard! She’s reverted to wanting to be cuddled to sleep (which at 34 weeks pregnant is next to impossible to do)! She doesn’t want to fall asleep until 9 which 730 is her normal bed time and she wakes up at 530 when normal is 830!

Fighting it hard and one exhausted momma here trying to keep my patients as we try and prepare the house for the new baby in just over a month, but also make sure we aren’t taking her attention away! We redid flooring and she helped, we are working on redoing the spare room to make it hers and she’s been in there all weekend helping her daddy get it ready for paint. She just doesn’t want to be alone at all!

We go screen free for an hour before bed and keep the same routine every night, it’s been just over a week since the regression started and out of 9 nights 2 have been easy bed times! Any mommas have tips on how they fought the regression?

Signed one exhausted, extremely pregnant, tired momma!