Am I being Petty?

My husband and father have never really gotten along. They started out on such a good foot. My husband even asked my father before asking me out. We were still in high school. Well at some point in my relationship my father found out I was sexually active with my him and forbid me to date him which I continued to do my behind my dads back. I got pregnant and obviously my dad freaked out. Well here we are 7 years later and I thought they’ve tried to put it all behind them until tonight. My husband and I were watching a movie and I made a comment about thinking that this girls father paid for their honeymoon suit was a little weird. Like here take my daughter to this room your wedding night. ANYWAYS not the point. My husband then says that it’s common practice for the brides father to pay for the wedding (which I get) but then my husband proceeded to cal my dad a dead beat. My dad raised me for the most part. My birth mom is a drug addict and she drained the finical life from my dad. When he finally left her it’s been a long process to rebuild himself financially all while raising a teenage daughter (me). So that did piss me off a little bit. My dad isn’t a dead beat. He’s doing what he can. I said that to my husband and he then proceeded to call my father a cheapskate. I am so hurt. I though my husband was happy with our wedding even though it was small and I didn’t realize he still resented my dad. Am I being petty for being so pissed at him for saying that about my dad?