Help from ladies who’ve had D&C/MC please!!!


My situation:

Baby stopped developing around 6 weeks. HCG was 45,000. D&C Jan 2. Waited a week and have had sex almost every day since lol. Got blood drawn for the first time Jan 24 (three weeks later), level was hCG 27.

My question:

how long has it taken for your levels to return to zero/less than 5? Could this be a new pregnancy? I know I have to test again to find out, but now I’m away on vacation and just wondering what other peoples experiences were.

I’ve been using ovulation and pregnancy strips every day. Was testing positive on ovulation for a while, but it could’ve been bc of the hCG still in my system. Now I’m showing negative for ovu, but vvvfl on the preg strips.

Thanks ladies!!