Bleeding During Sex

Hello! So I am in an urgent need of help... Ever since i got to college I’ve been having sex and i had sex before i got to college as well. The weird thing is i’m starting to bleed whenever i have sex which wasn’t common before. I know because on the condom there is a hint of pink or red. With previous partners this was never an issue and now it’s kind of scaring me. The difference between my previous partners and current partners is their penis size... Whenever i have sex with someone who is smaller I never bleed but whenever I have sex with someone who is larger I do bleed but i feel like that shouldn’t matter?? I am not sure what to think of it and i’m going to the doctors as soon as i can.

I also believe I am allergic to latex but I’m not sure if that’s what would cause me to bleed.

Would appreciate the comments !!! thank u!