Bringing up baby in rented room


Hi, I have a 3 month old and we rent a medium sized room in a flat. So we do everything in that room i.e work, sleep, watch TV, hang laundry etc. We can't afford to live anywhere else or get a mortgage.

The problem is I am having trouble setting a bed time routine for the baby. She sleeps really late at 1 or 2am and that too with great difficulty.

Living in a rented house means people come home at 6/7pm and hence there is alot of noise up until 12am. I can't tell them to keep quiet as they pay rent and also that's the only free time they get in the whole day. The same goes for me and my husband. My baby gets startled by the quietest of sounds so we try and keep everything quiet inside the room. That means me and my husband haven't enjoyed a single minute of free time together. This is taking a toll on our relationships and health.

How do I set a bed time routine and also enjoy the little free time we get?