Having doubts... not sure if she’s the one

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I know my gf an I have only been together for 3 almost 4 months and it’s still the early stage.. but I’ve been thinking especially after what my mom said about her , my mom likes her but she worries because my gf is on the fence about having kids .. but leans more towards having them but I feel like she’s not being honest. When I first met ger she originally said she didn’t want kids but now it’s kinda growing on her but just the fact she refuses to hold my cousins baby is a little concerning. I get that some people just don’t feel like holding them but she said she soundly ever hold the baby not even while sitting because she’s scared . It still concerns me tho I don’t want to later find out that she doesn’t want kids and end up back in the dating game later in life or settling with not having kids and ending up resenting her for it later and vis versa. I love her , it’s still early but .. I feel like I’m settling and I don’t want that because I don’t want to hurt her. She a very emotional person and would hate to be the reason to make her cry especially since I’m her first gf.

Are these normal feelings to have when dating ?

Should I break up with her?/ how do I it ?

Do I stay?