Elvie (or other wearable) Breastpump Opinions


Hey ladies!

Hoping someone can help me with my decision making!

Baby #2 is due April 23rd. I'll be returning to work after somewhere between 9 and 12 (haven't decided how long we can make it on 60% of my pay lol) weeks. I'll need to pump during the work day and, unless something happens, will plan to only breastfeed at home in the evenings and on weekends like I did with my first.

With my first, I got a Spectra S2 through my insurance and it worked great. I eventually bought the Freemie cups and Spectra-to-Freemie adaptors. Totally worth it! I loved not having to undress every time I pumped. I still have it and will keep it as a back up after buying new parts.

But this time, I'm looking to purchase a fully handsfree & tube-free pump. I saw the Elvie is covered by most insurance for an upcharge. (Still talking with my insurance to be sure it covers it.) I have not seen the Willow pump available through insurance.

Does anyone have experience with Elvie, positive or negative? I'd even appreciate opinions on Willow as I may buy it if I am not satisfied with Elvie reviews....I've seen mixed reviews on places like Amazon so just looking for more feedback before I decide.


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