Do you want to challenge yourself with me?

Dee • Mama to my beautiful baby girl. Born April 2019 💜

I need to lose a serious amount of weight post-baby. I’m 11 months PP and barely lost any.

I’m thinking about creating a group here that people can join if they’re interested in losing weight by making some positive changes to their lifestyle.

I hate exercising and I end up giving up very easily. So I want to start by making some positive changes to my diet.

If you want to join the group with me, these are the changes you will agree to make:

Drink more water daily

Low sugar diet

Low dairy diet

Low unhealthy carbs like bread/chips etc.

More protein and veggies

I am also Intermittent fasting currently and I plan on continuing with this. In this group, we will vent, support each other make ourselves accountable.

Would you like to join me?