My life lately

Christiii • Ezrah’s mommy 💙🌈 06/26/2020

I never thought I’d be a single mom about to raise a baby all in my own. My Ex and I relationship have been rocky lately but no matter what we always pulled through. When he found out I was pregnant he was happy always rubbing my belly and kissing my belly, talking to my belly but when we found out it’s a boy he stopped doing that he barely asked how the baby was or went to an appointment. We moved in together and every time I’d talk about the baby he’d completely ignore me or talk about something else. After constant fighting he kicked me out of his apartment and told me he didn’t want anything to do with the baby. The baby that we created together, our rainbow baby after 2 losses the baby that we agreed on trying for. he said all he wants to be is the sperm donor don’t hit him up or anything about the baby. Now I can’t stop thinking about how I’ll be bringing our baby into this world all by myself and how the baby is going to come out looking like him. Thinking about how one day he’ll ask for his father, how idk if I’ll ever be able to give him a father figure.