Advice please!

Hello! Okay so my fiance has two daughters one who is biologically his and the other baby girl is his ex wifes daughter. Both girlies live with their grandparents. The grandparents smoke weed around the children and they treat his biological daughter different than the rest of the family because she is mixed. My fiance is German American. We also recently found out that the mother has been addicted to heroin for some time now. Which she is paying for with the $800.00+ dollars he gives her monthly. (I don't have an issue with the child support at all but she literally only uses it on HERSELF) The mother moves around a lot and she doesn't take care of the girls in any type of way but she has sole custody of them. I told him I thought I'd be a good idea to fight for his daughter legally especially since she's getting treated badly because of her ethnicity and since the grandparents thinks it's okay to smoke infront of children and since the mother is obviously unfit. He says he doesn't want to do that because he doesn't want to split up the girls.

(His ex wife is evil she uses her daughter against him when she is around. She won't let him speak to her or even see a picture of her if things do not go her way.)

Sooo my question is what should I do? I don't want to harrass him about the situation or make him feel uncomfortable in anyway but I don't like the situation either of those girls are in. I know her daughter isn't biologically his but she needs better role models in her life. Advice will be greatly appreciated.

Before anyone bashes me I don't have children yet nor do I know how the family court system works which is why I am educating myself on it everyday and asking for advice.