How to feel productive as a SAHM

Rache • 💕Mom of 2💕 Wife to an amazing husband. Stay at home mom and always exhausted.

So, I’m a momma of a 1.5 yo and I have horrible ADHD so my brain is everywhere NOT TO MENTION I’m 30 weeks and a day pregnant. So literally my brain is dead. Like. Gone.

Anyway, after trying “To Do” lists and feeling like a complete failure if I didn’t finish them, or feeling waaaay overwhelmed before I even started them, my mother suggested me write down everything that I’ve accomplished as I go through my day.

This. Has. Been. A. Life. Saver.

Not only does my husband appreciate everything I do (big AND small) it makes me realize that I am doing a TON in a day.

Here’s part of yesterday’s list and a part of today’s list 😊

I really hope that if you mommas are struggling out there with “not feeling like you do enough” please try this method of accomplishment. You really do more than you think.

Write the things down as you go so you don’t forget and you feel proud of what you’ve done 😊😊😊

(My husband also likes to write inspirational notes to me 🥰🥰🥰)