Pale yellow poop/diarrhea since switching to milk?


My daughter has been on straight whole milk for a week now. On Thursday she started with what I can only describe as pale yellow loose stool/diarrhea that smells AWFUL!!!! Her stool has been like this ever since, she hasn’t had a normal stool since. She’s sooooooo cranky, she’s also teething BAD but I’m wondering if her stomach is upset? Anyone else’s baby have this and all was ok? I’m calling the doctor tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone else is going through the same thing. We are going back to formula for a few days just to see if it clears up and helps her belly a little.

Edited to add that this is from today and the darkest it’s been... majority have been a lot lighter like a pale yellow and a lot looser too, like could swish out of the diaper if you weren’t careful.