Skin tags??

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and I keep discovering skin tags. I have a huge one on my butt cheek and two tiny ones in the crease where my underwear sits between my thigh and labia.

Is this normal? I’ve been shaving blindly since I can’t see over my belly so that probably doesn’t help right? Is there anything I can do or do I just wait until after I deliver? Also my butt has grown and some of my underwear has become tight in the crotch area is that bad for it?

I freaked myself out thinking about genital warts but they look nothing like the images on google but I don’t want to waste the money seeing a dermatologist for something so silly especially if there isn’t anything I can do while pregnant.

I just feel disgusting and I don’t even want sex with my partner because I don’t want him anywhere near my vagina

Please tell me it’s nothing and I’m over reacting 😖