Traveling from MD to Florida round trip /coronavirus

I have my in-laws visiting late next month. I’am terrified with the whole coronavirus. They are older. They are in their 70’s. I have a grandfather who is 70 and has tuberculosis that’s not active. He had nodules. I’m worried for both of my grandparents as well. I feel like traveling anywhere right now on a plane that has man people from everywhere. Breathing the same air circulating around. The airports people coughing around etc... it’s risky. I’m sure she’ll have good hygiene but the bad habit we all have touching our face is risky. We can’t keep track of every second not touching our face. That makes it risky to get the virus. Yes just as well as the flu. Also some people even still with the whole virus going on... don’t have good hygiene. They’ll cough around or sneeze around. Travel even when they feel sick etc... should I tell them not come and visit the baby or should I let them come? I’am terrified. I have a three month old baby. Even though baby’s aren’t at high risk... there immune system is not full developed. It’s still scary. What should I do?

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