I haven’t orgasmed in 3 months

Please help me lol. So to start I’m 20 I’m relatively healthy, and I have anxiety disorder. Idk if it’s mental or actually medical but before meeting my boyfriend in December I masturbated every single night before bed since the age of 18 and came every single time, even when I was on antidepressants for anxiety for a little bit.

Then I met my now boyfriend and that all changed. The sound of his voice used to just turn me on but I guess I trained myself not to get turned on by it because I felt guilty and I didn’t want to get physically attached and then it not work out. In addition to this I stopped watching porn because I was scared it might affect real sex for me and I was worried about that.

Now I can’t get turned on by ANYTHING. Not the porn I used to watch not by trying to masturbate other ways. I get wet with my boyfriend but i can’t get anywhere near an orgasm with him trying everything.

I feel extremely frustrated because I’m in love with him and want to share the sexual experience I had when I just went solo but I just can’t.

I was a virgin up until last week which was super painful because I wasn’t turned on that much. IF ANYONE HAS GONE THROUGH THIS OR SOMETHING LIKE IT PLEASE HELP. I’m worried I’ll never orgasm again ☹️

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