Feeling terrible and I understand if anyone else thinks so too.

my unborn baby is suppose to be in guardianship with another couple who were able to keep her, like adoption but more private as its relatives, she's due in 7 weeks but I know she will be a little earlier as my previous pregnancies, and now with everything happening I'm worried for her safety now, I feel like maybe I should just keep her by my side to keep her safe from this virus because who knows if it will be worse or slowly going away when she's due, and I feel like breastfeeding her and keeping her close to mama will keep her healthy and stronger to fight whatever sickness comes and I know the couple will be heartbroken if I mention this (they can't have kids) and that's the worrying part in me that the virus is more of a risk for ppl who are already sick and they both have type 2 diabetes and an adopted son who's ADHD and has asthma, I'm just more concerned for the health of my newborn baby, I have not bought anything for her or have a home or room to bring her back in, but I was already thinking of going to a shelter or appt for the emergancy assistance before she's born for a damage deposit and rent til everything is safer, I am able to work and supply childcare but due to recent depts I have no home at the moment and that was my reason for adoption as my other kids are staying with their dad (unborn has different dad who is not in the picture due to domestic violence) so can someone tell me if this is so damn selfish of me?! :( am I the worst person ever for changing my mind last minute??? If I am I will go through with it but if someone understands my reasoning then I will talk to them and express my concerns even though it will get emotional I just ugh.. I'm so emotional, scared and worried 😭😭😭😭😭💔