Baby's dad still taking him for visitation and we have almost 800 cases. What should I look out for?

My 8m old son's father is still wanting his visitation for today. He's behind on his vaccines due to a surgery that he had. I heard under 1 is at greater risk as well. So I tried being the good parent and have him stay home with me but since it's a court order I'd be in contempt. There was an infant recently tested positive for the virus. What signs should I keep an eye out for? I know fever and shortness of breath.

Posting in this group because I guess some people think it's not that serious.ike my son's father told me to relax and it's under control. It's obviously not if we have almost 800 positive cases and 8 deaths :(

Update: They realized how serious the virus is and we communicated and all agreed to skip today's visitation and I offered to him that I'd talk to my attorney about giving him an additional visitation day. We have our son, my mom (who's disabled) and his grandma to think about the risk of exposing then to the virus.