MS Teams messages during work hours. Cheating?


Hi all,

While working from home my boyfriend saw a message pop up from the Sr. Analyst on my MS Teams app. It was a thumbs up. We were talking about a plan of work with one of the new employees. He grabbed my phone and went to the teams app and scrolled through months of conversations with this guys. I’d say about 10 percent of the convos are not work related but they are ALWAYS about something that happened at work either someone being sick and us not wanting to be sick and flowers that I got from my BF but in between all conversations we use a LOT of GIFs and Memes. We all do it, don’t ask me why, maybe to alleviate the “work” feeling or to lighten the mood. This wouldn’t have warranted any worry from anybody had it not came from the Analyst whom I have mentioned to my BF had an issue with personal space in the past and he used to make me really uncomfortable when he used to come to my desk because of how close he would get to me. This has stopped as I made it my business to get up and give him my seat. Since I mentioned this to my BF he is convinced this guy likes me and is just trying to test the waters. He said he knows better because he is a guy and knows how guys think - w.e. that means - and i should put him in his place. I explained this is not a regular dude from the streets and he is my Sr. with whom I constantly need to communicate with but instead of seeing it as just what I explained he went on to say I was entertaining this dude when all I was doing was have normal convo with a coworker but I guess the stigma of what I already told him is making it hard for him and the fact that this dude sent me a pic of him wearing a mask on Teams amid the coronavirus thing as joke did not help the situation. My BF also mentioned he said “you owe me a drink” in one of the messages which was related to him helping me with work related stuff and to my BF that’s an invitation 🤷🏽‍♀️ and the fact that I laughed about it was me entertaining. He called me out my name cuz of this. Tried to end the relationship and even said that I used my late daughters name in vain when I swear I had no romantic feelings towards the guy and nothing has ever happened. This was very hurtful and made ME want out because that was extremely hurtful of him. I also asked him to show me his DMs because I’m sure there are messages between him and females that are def NOT coworkers and he refused saying I didn’t deserve for him to show me.

I do not have this guys personal number nor does he have mine. We don’t speak outside of work hours not even if it’s work related stuff.

Should I be worried about my BF and the fact that he acted this way? The lack of trust with no reason? The invasion of my privacy with grabbing my phone? There’s a saying where I come from that says “a thief judges everyone to be a thief”