My husband was drinking and driving (update kinda?)

A few days ago I posted on here about my husband getting drunk during his drive home and it starting a nasty fight...its under the same title if you wanna reference it (minus the update bit obviously)

During his stupor, he said all kinds of means things. Mocked my sexual assault, mocked the troubles I've been going through with my medication, mocked my depression, kept telling me I thought he was a "worthless piece of shit" (which I have NEVER said). It was so ugly. He also blamed me for why he has no friends ( we was literally out til midnight with a friend the night before) and accused me of saying I was going to "send him back" to living with his abusive mother. It was all so much.

This is the first time (that I know of) for the drinking while driving. But this isn't the first time he has gotten this kind of aggressive while drinking. He has gotten the cops called, gotten us kicked out of hotels, threw me down the stairs at a concert, our neighbors have complained. This kind of behavior has happened maybe 6 times in the 4.5 years we have been together. But those have all occurred in the last 2.5 years. 3 of those times, in the last 1.5 year.

During the fight, I just wanted to walk away. Be done with it. I can't take this level of ugliness. But the next day, he apologized and couldn't even remember half of the stuff he said. We talked it out, he cried, and I accepted his apology...but I know how it feels to accept an abusers apology and move on because it's just easier to. Now, I'm not calling my husband an abuser, he isn't. But that's how it felt accepting the apology and moving on. I hate that he doesn't remember all the awful things he said...I dont know what to do now. Would you leave? Ive suggested he a therapist several times but he hasn't and he made sure I knew that was my fault...