in need of some advice

so throughout this entire pregnancy so far (i’m 23 weeks) i’ve had a hard time breathing. it’s never been like consistent. sometimes it’s like 3 days at most of me feeling like i can’t get enough air in my lungs. i don’t have any tightness in my chest. it doesn’t hurt. it’s just annoying cause i’m always trying to catch my breath. i find sometimes it’s worse if i wear a bra for a day and the days after i’m struggling to breathe and then it’s all back to normal. with this entire covid 19 outbreak it has me freaking out that this is what it could be (mostly my anxiety) even though i’ve had this issue since i found out i was pregnant.

google says as long as i’m not in pain , don’t have any discolouration in my feet or hands i’m fine.

i’ve asked my midwife about my pregnancy in general. she said everything is completely fine , baby is healthy and growing great , the placenta and water looks amazing , my blood pressure is fine and my weight has been really consistent and she has no worries about anything

is my breathing normal ? i’d just like some reassurance ! anyone else experience this ?