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Hey ladies so I’m 7 weeks & 1 day today. I went to the ER yesterday and they did an ultrasound saw baby and heartbeat it was 136 bpm💕 but I have a subchronic hemmorage it’s like 1.3x2.5x2.0 I’m not sure how big that is but I was put on bed rest and I’ve had no bleeding I went in because I’ve been so sick, dehydrated and throwing up. I have been taking ALA for about two weeks so I’m gonna keep taking that also trying to drink lots of water which I have a hard time with anything cause my stomach pain and neasua any advice would be nice! I lost my last pregnant at 6 weeks 1 day before they could read the heart and I had a subchronic hemmorage as well it was bigger I believe though. Anyone been through this?