Insecurity in my relationship advice

Maria • I just want happiness

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this in our relationships. I just need help. I’m feeling very insecure in my relationship with the guy I’m completely in love with. The reason for this insecurity is because of his ex girlfriend and all of his friends back home. His ex and his friends are all pretty and skinny, love dressing up and wearing expensive things. They wear loads of make up, the eyelashes and everything. I’m just not that type of girl.. I don’t like wearing make up. I don’t dress up as nice as them (they like to show off a lot of skin). He has asked me in the past if i can dress nicer, and really hypes me up when i do my make up (rarely).

I just feel like he’s looking for a girl that isn’t me. He says he loves me and the reasons why he loves me. But we started off as friends and I saw how he was with his ex. He would always show her off on social media, instagram, snapchat, twitter. Now he’s with me it’s like he’s trying to hide me. I feel like he’s embarrassed of me.. like he’s embarrassed to show his friend the type of girl he is dating. I want to talk to him about this. And I obviously don’t want to push him into sharing our relationship publicly if he isn’t ready (we’ve only been together for 3 months).

I just feel ridiculous and not pretty, or don’t believe him when he calls me beautiful because I know how much prettier his ex was or his friends..

How did y’all deal with insecurities in your relationships? 😪😪