Prodromal labor help and inspiration


Has anyone experienced prodromal labor that is willing to share their experience? I’m a FTM due tomorrow and I’m getting discouraged.

I have been experiencing intense contractions the last 3 nights from 2am-7am. They last around a minute and occur every 7 minutes. They never progress and get further apart during the day but never disappear. This is exhausting as I can’t sleep or do much else. Last night I lost my mucus plug and think I had my bloody show but once again the contractions went away. I am planning on an unmediated birth but this is making me lose confidence quickly.

Have any of you had a similar experience? How long did this last? Do you think it made actual labor any short? How would you compare the intensity level of these contractions to actual labor?

I’m looking for any positive stories or vibes that you can send my way ❤️

Here is my prodromal labor coach which helps a little 😊