I’m not letting my mother in law in the house

I’m in complete shock at what is happening in the world 🌎 I’m a new mom , baby is 5 months old and my mother in law is driving me insane. She wants us to move in with her until the Coronavirus is cleared

1. She doesn’t stay home

2. She doesn’t wear masks or gloves

3. When she comes over she never wants to wash her freakin hands , straight to touching my daughter ( gets me angry & I take her away )

4. One of her close friend has the virus

5 she was in contact With her prob a week ago

She’s asking if she can stay with us ??



how in the world she doesn’t care about our health or my babies 👶🏻

I told my husband if she comes to our house , ( she Likes to do surprise visits) you can wave to her from the window , otherwise don’t you dare open the door. I don’t care how mad she gets , am I wrong ????