Getting tested but have to wait for covid19

I'm located in Virginia, we have had a few positive cases here, including 1 right up my street (elderly home)

I'm 24 years old and very well taken care of, I'm active, fit, eat well, in good health. Also I have a 11m old son who sleeps in my bed and he will not sleep anywhere else

I rarely ever get sick but when I do it's bad.

I work at a restaurant and we have been diligently cleaning(30 minute cycles, no contact delivery and customers arent allowed in our store).

I've also been doing the grocery shopping because my mom is home from work and she is older and scared of the virus.

Past few days I've had night sweats. Random chills along with low grade fever, and a sensation of trouble breathing as well as a dry cough . I thought okay maybe I have allergies.

I called my doctors office and had a nurse come to my house to do testing of other viruses pending results as it was not put in as rapid testing and just the norm

However, my doctors office will not be able to run a COVID19 test unless my symptoms persist / get worse.

This is scary. I am the sole provider of my son, and if I do test positive I dont know who could care for him as I do..I will remain anon until i update.

Update #1 : at my work there was a rumer that someone's family member tested positive and my employee was self quaranting himself .

I stayed home for 2 weeks, I called my doctor and all they could do is basically tell me stay home, hydrate. They said they have no testing kits.

I've had a mirgrain on and off and a dry cough along with night sweats even with my window open and fan on. I have still no idea. I've been rotating Tylenol and mortin and seem to be fine during the day, and night I just get complete exhausted .

This is the first day where I actually feel better. The doctor said either I had a virus or a milder form of covid19. Very possible because I was exposed to that employee.