Bfp on Anniversary ❤️


I can’t believe it I got a bun in the oven!!


Bf and I started trying the beginning of this year and found out today on our 3rd anniversary we’re expecting. Feeling blessed!

Was supposed to get my period on the 13th but it didn’t show up so I took a test last Wednesday. The test looked like a negative but I knew there was a really faint positive line that was hard to see but was there.

Decided to grab a test from the store yesterday and glad I did. First thing I did when I woke up today was go to the bathroom and take the test lol. Saw the bfp right away and got excited then told the bf, he was even more excited and surprised cause he thought it was a negative with the last test.

We were sad we couldn’t go out to celebrate our anniversary or our new news, but still enjoyed the day with each other at home and couldn’t be happier! 🥰