Irritable Uterus?!


Yesterday I hit my 22weeks mark. Around 4:30pm I was laying on the couch cuddled up to my oldest on the couch and I started feeling uncomfortable. Well I started paying more attention to them and they felt like Contractions. I started timing them and they were 3 minutes apart, and lasting a minute long. It was like that for 20 minutes and I decided I was going to take a bath. The bath didn’t help at all and I was still experiencing these contractions. I ended up calling L&D. I didn’t hear anything back from them for an hour. I called twice and was still experiencing them. I decided to go in. I got dressed got in the car and drove myself. On my way there they called me back telling to come in the get monitored. I got there and got checked in and monitored. Baby was moving like crazy and her heart rate was perfect. The contractions I was feeling weren’t strong enough on the monitor and picking them up. I was losing hope and started to worry about what was going on. The midwife on call wanted to run a urine test to see if I might have a UTI I just wasn’t picking up on, or a bladder infection. That came back negative. So they swabbed my vagina and wanted to see if something was going on that might send me into labor in the next 14days (I forgot the exact term she used). That came back negative. She checked my cervix and it was closed. So that was a huge plus. But I was still experiencing these contractions that were 3-7 minutes apart. I should mention the contractions weren’t intense. They ranged from a 4-7 on a hospital scale. They were uncomfortable and there happening too often to feel okay. So the midwife just told me I just have a uterus that like to contract this pregnancy.