Virus and husband traveling to see friends

Would you be okay with your husband going and coming back home to the family?

Husbands friend died the other day and now he wants to travel from western Kansas to Colorado Springs area. They aren’t having a funeral for this friend because of the virus but he wants to go have a “memorial” with all his friends to celebrate the friend who passed and to go talk with the wife to give her their condolences.

We have two teen children and a six week old at home. I’m overly nervous for him to go to where there is more cases and bring the sickness back with him into our home. I told him if it’s that important than of course he can go! Only thing is he won’t be able to see the baby or boys for the 14 days until he knows he’s not sick. Now I’m the bad guy bc I’m making a big deal about the baby getting sick and “not letting him go.” We’ve been fighting for the last week anyways about other issues and this just seems like another thing for us to disagree on. I’m at a loss... I just want to keep our family safe.