Husband has let himself go!

My husband doesn't care about his hygiene anymore he stopped brushing his teeth and bathing regularly. He showers 3 times a week maybe less I can't recall the last time he brushed.

I talked to him he swears he's fine nothing is going on although he is behaving the same it's just that he doesn't have any self care aspirations period.

The last time I saw him brush his teeth I saw blood but I didn't think nothing of it but now I'm thinking beginning stages of gingivitis. I warned him if he kept this up he would lose his teeth but he doesn't care.

This has messed up our sex life I refuse to have him throwing off my pH balance, he always wants to tongue kiss me but I do not go for that and when he doesn't shower he sleeps on the floor. Tensions are high I just want him to take care of himself but apparently that's too much to ask.

He's a hypocrite our kids go one Saturday without brushing their teeth he's fussing at them about it when his own mouth smells like a porta potty. When he talks to our kids he prefers face to face and I feel so bad for them.

I try over and over again telling him to wash his ass and brush his teeth but he just gets offended. He doesn't have health or dental insurance I just don't understand. I'm feeling like something so small and easily fixable could ruin our marriage.

***** It was not my idea for him to sleep on the floor I would go to the couch he didn't like that he knows how I am about going to bed clean so he decided to sleep on the floor. I was fine on the couch. I'm a neat freak with a little OCD while he's basically a slob now so my anxiety is through the roof but I'm working with him not nagging. We have calm conversations he understands what I'm saying he just doesn't care. I've been trying to help him forever he says over and over he isn't depressed I can't tell for sure but I have offered several outlets. I'm not a complete asshole.