Covid births


I’m assuming most all of you who are due soon are not feeling great about this? I am a first time mom, due April 4th (we have also discussed induction, so possibly sooner.) Trying to mentally prepare yourself for a birth is scary and anxiety ridden enough but to throw the worry of a global pandemic on top of it? Seriously? 😐 I am so worried about the pain of delivery, especially if I am induced, and I feel like I can’t even get a second to process this in my head because of all the added stress that is coming with delivering in the middle of this virus. Everyone says you will forget the pain as soon as babies on your chest, but all I can think is yeah right- as soon as baby is on my chest, I will have a whole new set of worries, trying to keep him safe. And healthy. And cared for properly, when people won’t stop hoarding baby products, ect ect ect. We have people without babies where I live buying up all the wipes because of the toilet paper shortage, and all the formula because they think it will last longer than milk.