I'm starting to change my mind

I wanted another baby so bad that I would cry from the bfn. My husband loves my daughter. I know he does. He's not her biological dad, but loves her as his own. He was all about her when he first met her and for a couple months to follow. Now he's on his phone a lot more playing games on it. She is in her jumper. I would be washing bottles, her laundry or having a quick cigarette and she will start getting fussy and he just leaves her there. Or she will wake up in the middle of the night and the past couple of times I've heard him get irritated that she woke up. He will start mumbling stuff under his breath. It's beginning to piss me off. He wants another baby more than I do, yet he doesn't understand that a newborn will get up a lot more. I did it by myself for 2 months after she was born. I'm use to it. Or he will do things that scare me and get pissed off when I say something, like lightly tossing her up in the air next to a cheap glass table. Or will do this obnoxious screech that scares her to the point she cries. Maybe I'm just being hormonal, I don't know, but suddenly another baby is just not sounding so good. I will be happy regardless but I'm just Idk, is this normal ?