Corona anxiety 🙄


Am I wrong for telling my boyfriend I don’t want to be around him anymore if he wants to continue to hang around all of his friends during this?... I work at a school. So I’ve currently been out of work since the virus panic started. I don’t go anywhere But to my boyfriends house sometimes or he’ll come to mine. The thing is he still wants to be out and about..he still works but jobs have been very cautious so that puts my mind at ease but not only is he at work he wants to go play basketball, and hangout with too many of his friends A LOT. And I honestly think that’s so selfish with the fact that I’m pregnant! . We have lost a baby before in the second trimester.. so I’m paranoid a lot already. He seems so careless and inconsiderate so I told him if he wants to continue to not give a heck then he needs to stay away from me.