Really confused weird period-stuff. (TMI PICTURE AND INFO)

So, I posted earlier today about this.
I don't think it's my period. I ended my period a few days ago, it's really weirding me out. This is a pantyliner, after 7-8 hours without changing or checking. I've gotten none since then. This has happened for a few days now, I'm kind of concerned. It almost looks orange-brown in real life, a little bit. It's watery and kind of like discharge, I've been getting clearish whiteish discharge as well. This was after my second period (ever), which was quite light and kept starting and stopping throughout 3-4 days. My first period was medium-heavyish and lasted 6 days. I've had that brown discharge stuff for 2-3 days now, but the watery weird stuff at random. I'm really confused, can someone help? I'm too awkward-Ified to talk about it to my mom. I know it's not my period. It seems almost like watery clear brown discharge but a TON of it. It only really happens during the day and while I'm sleeping. 
Sorry for the TMI, but I want to provide info so if you know what it is it could help. It might just be me, but I'm not really sure it's normal! Thank you, I'm kind of paranoid right now and I've been posting a lot.