Ugly days! - not sure where to post this

TheJessicaRabbit • Happily married mother of 3 girls, and we finally got our boy😊!!!)
Does anyone ever have those days where you just feel ugly?
Today has been one of those days for me😕 I literally stood in front of the bathroom mirror and analyzed my whole body. Not the best feeling in the world, when you critique every single thing you see in the mirror. I normally try and avoid mirrors if I can manage. But when I do see myself in a mirror I instantly try to avert my eyes. I just don't like what I see. It's like every flaw I have is suddenly magnified by 10! I don't see me at all, I see flabby arms, and cellulite thighs, acne scars, and a fat stomach full of stretch marks. I'll admit that my self esteem has been MIA.  I do have a wonderful, loving husband that constantly tells me that he loves me just the way I am. But I start to get in my own head and tear my self down piece by piece. And I also dodge shopping for myself like the plague, it's no fun sitting in a dressing room silently crying, ( I save the "ugly cry" for the car ride home.) I'm sorry y'all I was just wondering if anyone else feels like this from time to time.