Am I weird?

Am I supposed to find penises attractive? Cause I think they're kind of ugly. And like I hear stories about girls who genuinely love sucking their boyfriends off and to me, it kinda just seems like a chore. I like making my boyfriend happy. And he's super hot when he's feeling pleasure, but I don't find his penis attractive. 
I know that it's not because I'm lesbian or asexual or anything like that. I enjoy sexual activities with my partner. I just don't find penises attractive. And my guy seems to think my vagina is the hottest thing in the world and I don't get it. Vaginas aren't exactly pretty. I know guys want to get in them but I didn't think they wanted to look at them. Apparently I was wrong?
Sorry that this is so lengthy. I'm just confused. I hope I'm not alone in this.