Not ttc related but need advice.. PLEASE HELP IF U CAN. NO NASTY COMMENTS PLZ

Just today ive noticed a small (approx pea size) lump in my armpit that is VERY painful... it really hurts to lift my arm up also?

did a general check of neck, breasts throat etc and did not find any others..

I do have a slight case of flu (runny nose, occassional cough, sore throat) but nothing serious..

I have noticed a fair bit of fatigue lately but put that down to AF being due today (she hasnt arrived yet)and TTC.

I live in a very very rural town and dont get paid till tuesday so cant get into drs till then so not sure what to do or what this could be?

I last shaved over a week ago now and i do have regrowth, the lump is fairly close to the surface? And their doesn't appear to be a 'pimple like opening/white head' no noticeable ingrown hairs? But their is a pinkish coloring in that area...there is one small ingrown hair way above the area where lump is..

Any ideas/advice etc.. would be much appreciated!! Its late Friday night where I am and the local hospital is a very smal dodgy one... closest decent hospital is 2.5hrs away... (im in rural australia)

Attached is 2 photos... both circled areas is where lump is... I do apologize for the hairyness of my armpit i was going to shave today but since finding lump didnt wanna take risk just in case.. :'(

I will reply once i see their is no nastiness towards me...