Does he really like me..?

My boyf and I have been a 'thing' for about 3 months. The first 2 months we weren't official, we were having sex but no one knew about us. We weren't planning on going public because we thought it would affect people around us (that's another story). But it ended up coming out anyway. In those 2 months I started to get strong feelings for him and I was never sure if he felt the same way. I slept with someone else because he told me that me and him wouldn't be able to ever be anything else, so I tried to move on and forget about things by sleeping with someone else (yes, dumb idea). He then got angry about that and goes and tells me he loves me and doesn't want me to move on, I then fall right back into his arms because I already love him as well. But now that we are out in the open, he didn't bother to text me or talk to me during the day, and only tells me when to come over to his house. He's never once come and got me, I'm always the one having to go see him. He's always at the pub, and whenever I go there too he hardly talks to me, and has never introduced me to anyone as his girlfriend. What do you girls think? Am I over reacting about all this...?