anyone else have hip pain?

Jennifer • due date was feb. 22nd 2016. arrived on her own feb.19th 2016
so for a couple of weeks now I've been having pain in the back side of my hip literally the back of it not the side. the right side is fine tho. it feels like it needs to pop but it won't and a few days after first experiencing it I was walking and my left hip just gave out! I couldn't walk it hurt real bad, I slightly bent over on a counter and tried to stand up and couldn't! but now it's back to feeling like it needs to pop and it's not everyday I get this feeling, it comes and goes every few days so far. and when it is bothering me it hurts to lift my leg to get into bed or turn over to the point I'm crying in pain. I'm starting to think arthritis as I've noticed it's happening when it's suppose to rain or get real cold. I have arthritis in my knees and hands, I don't get numbing or tingling so I don't think it's sacatia or what ever that nerve is. I see the dr weds. but just wondering if anyone else had/has this problem. I'm 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. and I'm only 25yrs old. (don't say I'm to young for arthritis dr diagnosed my knees with it when I was 17 )