Af due 11/8

Hey ladies, I took a test yesterday afternoon (13DPO) &it came back positive using a FR test. This morning I took another test with FMU (14DPO) &again positive but the line is lighter than yesterday's. Both of the control lines showed first before the actual pregnancy line did. Well last month in OCT I was pregnant, also had fain lines. I had a chemical pregnancy a couple days later at 5weeks. 
So basically I am hoping this baby sticks and the lines get darker. I'm so scared that another chemical pregnancy will occur. I'm hoping someone who has gone through anything similar to me could give me some advice and hope 😊 
I am 22 & have a 1.5yr old, healthy baby girl. 
My symptoms this month were tender breast 3DPO and it lasted a week. I also have been eating more. (I'm only 98lbs so I can definitely tell when my cravings change lol). That's really it. I never had symptoms with my first pregnancy until 8weeks in. My period is due in 2days. My cycles are long normally 35days. 
Wow now y'all now everything about me lol