Pcos and getting pregnant

I am 27 I will be better 28 in less than a month I have pcos polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosed in March. Had the Mirena in 2010 used till Sept 2011 I had constant problems and I had to have it surgically removed. Didn't have a good period after that irregular wouldn't come November 2011 had a tubal pregnancy caught it b4 it ruptured my tube. I was devastated I want another child so 2012 I adopted my niece who was just born because she was brought in to this world in a horrible situation. That took the baby blues away for a while me and my husband have tried for ever I personally think I'm trying way to hard. I am a thicker girl not afraid to say it but yes I'm a bigger girl I have lost weight since March I was put on metformin 3 times a day. Dr told me last appointment my levels for my glucose ratio was up by 3 points which was great and that I could start trying well i. Suppose to start in 2 days I'm not getting hopes up bc I have been let down so many times. Does any one in this same situation have any advise I feel like me biological clock is ticking quickly lol