Thought I would share my story and hopefully find others in the same boat. I never thought it would take this long to get pregnant. We have been trying over a year, I'm 24, and never had children before. My sos does have children so all I can think is it is me, it is me. I finally broke down and went to a fs. Everything seems okay besides I have many follicles on my ovaries and had high insulin. They haven't said you have pcos but I know I have many of the symptoms related to it (other symptoms I didn't mention). It has been an emotional struggle for me. You see everyone else get pregnant so easily and then you feel alone. Thankful to hear others stories and know that even in the storm you are not alone because this is a very real and common thing. After getting on metformin and my cycles regulating out for a few months, we decided to try with assistance and get on Femara. Clomid isn't an option for me. Today I started Femara and am excited and scared, but I try to be realistic because excitement in the past ended in heartbreak at the end of my month. Has anyone used femara before or are currently using it? Any advice on intercourse timing? Any inspiring stories would be great. I do ovulate on my own so I am worried that the medication will not be real beneficial to me. Good luck ladies!