Help sorry so long ex dreams:/

A little bit about me I'm a single mother of two and been divorced 3 years right after my divorce I started dating a old high school friend he had never been a parent in right away started forming a relationship with my two girls everything seemed great we were going to college which he had been going to school for years and I just starting a new career path; after my divorce. We help each other through good and bad and dated for about a year and I felt like he was just not ready in the end to have a family he was so focused on school which is great so I moved and left him and after a year. started dating my new boyfriend which was my brother in law's best friend which I had known and he has a son he's a great guy and helps me with the girls a great father and very supportive everything happened so fast we moved in together right away because I had was living in another state anyways we've been together for a year and some months now and have been making a life together through some really rough times we support each other and it's great i love having a son. Life couldn't be better so here's my problem with all the future planning which is great in this is what I want at night when I fall asleep and I dream I dream of my ex I'm one of those that I normally don't dream it's kind of rare that I'm dreaming about him anyway but they are really vivid dreams of what we as an old couple were planning and now since I left him and then the new stablished relationship I don't understand why I am dreaming about him. Please tell your thoughts and ask me any questions thanks for all your help.