Sammy💗 • Married to my best friend! 2 boys here with us and a little girl in heaven. Baby Boy # 3 Arriving in April 💙💙
Called the doctor this morning about cramping and pain I've been having and I went in and baby's heartbeat is strong and perfect! Doctor said its a good thing I'm having this pain because it means everything is growing the way it's supposed to! This is why I need a fetal Doppler!! Hubby won't let me get one because he thinks I'll stress myself out, we found out at 32 weeks our baby girl had no heartbeat so I think that's a part of why he doesn't want me having one and to just leave it up to the doctor. It was a big relief hearing baby this morning, now another 5 weeks til I see baby and find out boy or girl!! Only thing is I'm not gaining weight, I've been the same since 9 weeks. Doctor didn't bring it up so I guess it's no concern, anybody else not gaining?? I'm 15 weeks.