Advise please??🙁

Okay so something has been bothering me a little and I wanted to make sure that I'm not just being stupid. 
Sometimes when I'm not "in the mood" I used to allow my boyfriend to watch porn or "sexual gifs" so he can get off alone. But recently he's been doing it a lot more..  Like I've seen myself lie completely naked infront of him, doing sexy things for him which used to drive him crazy but he still asks if he can watch porn.. I've seen me suck him off for a bit or play with him and he'll ask if he can watch porn while I'm doing it..
Not just that, when he watches the porn it's of other girls.. And he only seems to do it when I'm trying to be all sexy with him.. I understand guys might find this "hot" or whatever but I feel like what I'm doing isn't really good enough and that I'm not attractive enough for him.. Am I being silly?  Could do with some reassurance..?