...pregnant??? 🀰🏾

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So earlier this month I was prescribed an antibiotic, roughly the 2nd week of April? My period usually starts the first or second week of the month, but i missed it, I thought maybe it was because of the medicine but from my research antibiotics usually do not cause any issues with your cycle. I was also experiencing nausea for a bit but haven't had it in a while. My boobs do feel heavier and were very sensitive and sore for about 2 weeks as well. I've also been getting little cramps that feel like what would happen if my period was coming on or I was on it. My periods have been regular since 2017 and my boyfriend and I havent been using condoms for years at this point. I've taken 2 preggo tests and they were both negative , granted they were the cheap ones for like a dollar but still.

I'm planning on going to the doctor for a blood test to see what's going on but what do you guys think??

------- I guess my inquiry is hard to comprehend for some so allow me to clarify this , Also, OBVIOUSLY if I'm having sex unprotected I can get pregnant, thank you to those for stating what we all know. The concern is there bc we've never had this type of situation happen considering we've been ttc for 2 years and I've never even had a scare, now I'm missing a period and have yet to see a positive result