Question about movement


Hi ladies! I have a quick question I was debating about calling my dr about but wanted some feedback first. I’m 31 weeks and I have tons of movement during the day. I feel baby boy move all the time, I get kicks, he responds at meals, squirms while I’m watching tv and I can see and feel it on the outside; he always makes kick counts if I ever need to. However at night when I go to bed he quiets right down! Is this normal? Like when I wake up to pee and lay down I’ll hardly feel any movement and I don’t really feel too much until I’m waking up for the day and he gives me some kicks. Is this normal? I don’t know why it’s annoying me, it could just be anxiety with the whole current state of affairs and I have an ultrasound scheduled on Monday- I’m high risk and have a planned c section scheduled but just wasn’t sure if this was normal and wanted some input from some ladies with some experience to a scared FTM.

Thanks ladies :).