What would you do?

Me and my fiancé have been in a relationship for about 2 and a half years now.  We were supposed to get married in May 2015 but my parents called it off over concern about the way he was treating me! He has been through a lot in his life but it also doasnt make it ok to act the way he did. Now he had admitted to emotional abusing me, he would get mad at the littlest things and I couldn't seem to do much right. I am 27 and moved back into my parents in May but have continued seeing him. He has been great and finally has admitted to his wrong doings and would like me to move back in soon. He has taken the steps to get better like counseling and attending church and reading books on the problem. I am a positive person and I truly believe people can change. Should I give him a second chance? Also as of now we are in no hurry to get married anytime soon! 

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