Relationship Advice

My bf and I have been dating for 2 months now and I do care about him a lot but my only problem is.... He doesn't like to put our relationship on social media. And I totally understand that because social media ruins relationships. But recently his ex hacked his Instagram and deleted all the pics of me and him together (so he says) & when I told him don't get rid of Instagram. Keep it because I like when he post pictures of us. So he did... And he only has one pic of us up on his instagram. My things is.... I like for a guy to show me off, make me feel wanted and desired. He did all that when we first started talking and now... When I ask him to do it he says its not him. He shows that he loves me in different ways. Idk if he honestly loves me just as much as I love him. I'm crazy about him and when I share my feelings with him... He says he feels the same way but never talk about how he feels about me until I bring it up. Idk what to do 😕 and I don't wanna break up with him .... HELP