Metformin & Clomid

Hi! I'm new to this group. About 8 weeks ago I was in the ER having an ultrasound done for extreme abdominal pain. After an US, CT scan & pelvic exam, they found a 9mm cyst on what they thought was my left ovary. 2 days later I'm having emergency surgery to remove the cyst from my TUBE! Come to find out I also have endo & PCOS on top of the closed tube where the cyst was. My doctor cleaned it all up & just 1 week ago started me on Metformin 500mg & gave me my first round of Clomid 50mg to start next cycle. I found out that after 3 years of TTC that I have probably never ovulated since my cycles are about 60 days long. I really want this to be the time for us. I have a REALLY good feeling about December. Does anyone have some advice for me? At this point I'm grasping at anything to make me feel like it'll happen for us. Any advice is welcome 😊