Jennifer • 37yo Married mama of three little boys 10,8, and 2! Trying for our #4 caboose to the family.
My periods are really regular give or take a day or two but for the most part super regular. My fertile week for October was the 23-29 I believe I ovulated around the 26-27.  My period isn't due until the 11th. Suddenly today I started spotting it was a light reddish brown color when I wiped and a very small amount in the toilet. Put on a pad and have barely bled into the pad but maybe a qtr sized amount...has anyone ever had heavier implantation? 
It's just strange that my period is like clock work and this month it's super early around when I think implantation should be taking place. Everything I've read online says that implantation bleeding starts around 10-14 days after conception...I counted back and from today back 14 days we had sex exactly 14 days ago. Bleeding is reddish brown to slightly bright red but scant.